KSO accepted its plan of 2018

36 هەموو خوێنراوەکان, 1 خوێنراوی ڕۆژانە

ZankoKurd – Asos S. khidr

Monday Jan 1, 2018, The secertary of KSO was met, also in that meeting some topics had Illustrated, and its plan of 2018 with the major votes of participants accepted successfully.

The meeting is managed by the secertary of KSO. In that meeting, some members of Political council of Islami Komal participated in order to explain the political circumstances and organizations assignments in Kurdistan situation.

Although, in the meeting some topics were spoken such as: Students in the first grade; The participants in the meeting spoke on Students in first grade in the university and institutes, and Said that they needed to be supported and helped by Razha Agency. Although helping the religious schools also were spoken, then with the major vote, the .plan of 2018 was confirmed

Secertary bureau is the highest council of Kurdistan Students Organization, and gather in once in 60 days and consist of Members of administration staff, and the head of Centers of KSO.

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