Week of Hijab… A different project in University of sulaimanyah

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Report and Image: Week of Hijab…
A different project of University and Institute center of KSO – Sulaimanyah

Zankokurd – srwa majed
Translate: Asos S. Khidr

University and Institute center of KSO in Feb 1, announced a new project with the title of “week of Hijab”, and did some activities during that week in a diffrent parts and colleges in the sulaimanyah University.

According to ZankoKurd info, the project consist of giving headscarf and red rose to sisters in order to increase the love of Hijab in their mind and heart.

Renas Omed is a Chemistry department student in University of Slemani said that: “ Non Hijab girls, accepted our gift blissfully, and had good responses to our project”.

Although, Nuha Wahab is a geology dept. student in university of Slemani and was another participant in the project said:” one of non hijab told me that: your gift will give me a continuation in my way” it was brightened me”.

Stara Yassin, Law and political science student, told ZankoKurd that: “We pleased so much, and non of them refused our gifts”.

Hanisk Najat, one of that Girl that gave the gift, Spoke to ZankoKurd and Said: “I appreciate yours, it is one of the most beneficial one, and I got more surely, It is such a warning to me, and I like to wear Hijab””.

Hiwa Lateef, the member of Administration staff of UIC and the supervisor of the project, gave us more detail on the project and said:”Our target in this, is to get more benefit to non wear hijabs, We think that it encourages them to wear Hijab”

Lateef also said:”Our members, benefactors, and Slemani branch of Sister Organization helped us so more much to do successfully, we thank them, may Allah reward them”.

Kurdistan Students Organization is the owner of 17 centers and more than 120 branches in different places of Kurdistan.

They all gives the students the best without any difference.

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